delusive contentment

 set styling

During the earlier days of the Corona Virus, before Austria decided to take action and declare social distancing rules, Lisa Vietze (set styling) Isabella Hewlett (photography) and I got together and imagined a tiny world.

A muffled dreamscape, cloaked in cotton and wrapped up in plastic, delicately handled with rubber gloves; ironically it has ended up perfectly mirroring our state of mind during these curious times.

speick naturkosmetik

set design, styling and photography

natural hair soap that blends into its surrounding like the ingredients would into nature.

home life balance

set design, styling and photography

As many of us try to find a new balance while working at home and caring for small kids, I tried to find a way to capture this beautiful, exhausting and challenging corona virus situation in a playful way.


objects | prop styling

objects are a way of illustrating emotions in a three dimensional way. I use natural materials, self made dough and sometimes cut out illustrations. Ambivert is a series to portrait the feelings of beeing an introvert as well as an extrovert, caught between two extremes.

wonders of a teenage mind

set design, styling and photography

Digging into the wonders of teenage minds. This feeling of wanting to hide while at the same time needing to discover your various selves and identities. Wonderful model: Annika Schubert

various sets

set designs and set stylings

I create colourful, playful and minimalistic set designs out of unusual material I find in nature, at home, or at my friends' places. I tell subtle stories through my use of material, light, colour and contrast.

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